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Success Stories & Testimonials

In our clients' own words...

All the data and metrics aside, the success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us.

The Sandler system is a proven methodology—we delivered over 475,000 hours of training in 2014—which has helped develop high-performing businesses, business owners, leadership, sales managers, and sales people around the world. We're proud to share just a few of the clients we've served, along with their testimonies of success.

Sandler has been a revelation to our business and we are seeing an immediate positive impact on our sales numbers. Not only that, we are also seeing that the various aspects of the whole Sandler methodology and process can be applied to so many business situations. We strive to be different and Sandler only adds to our approach to standing out in a crowded market place.

S.Taylor - Managing Director - Ecocleen Services

There are millions of success stories - tell us yours.

Only Sandler can claim permanent change that brings long-term business success and transforms the lives of our clients.
We want to know how Sandler has helped has helped our clients succeed—how we've impacted your business and your life. A picture's worth a thousand words. Please share yours with us; and if you're not a client yet, see what our clients say about us. #HowToSucceed

There is no doubt that as a result of Sandler's training, the team has changed its whole approach to the sales process. They see themselves as business professionals and are much more confident. Importantly, they are fully equipped to ask customers some of the more challenging questions which as businesses we need to discuss. This would not happen with a less experienced team. Sandler has given us the structure to help us align with prospects and work together. There are many reasons to recommend Sandler but I would single out a primary benefit. Their training is not about some sales technique or tactic. There are no tricks involved. It's about developing as a mature business person and helping people by providing the best solutions.

Jamie Nicholls - Ompromt

I was a blank canvas. I didn't know anything at all. Now, as a result of Sandler Training I have so much more confidence. They have taken me way out of my comfort zone. I'm doing things now that I never thought I would do! The training has helped my outlook in dealing with people. When I first started for example, I was hesitant to answer the phone or make calls. Now I have a clear strategy and stick to a plan and system. I've come a very long way in a really short time. I can now talk confidently with the CEO of a £40 million company in Dubai. What's more, in the past, a £3000 order would be have been my maximum, now I regularly handle jobs as big as £100,000.

Holly Danks - IRSP