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Sandler’s official library of books has been growing for many years – and already includes top selling titles on Amazon such as “You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar” by David Sandler, outlining how and why he invented the Sandler Selling System. Other popular favourites include the Sandler Rules and Success books.
Having made the decision to expand their library of titles for the benefit of the whole network and their clients, Sandler Head Office has recently released nine new books co-authored with various specialist franchise partners– and has at least ten more in the pipeline for 2016.
In a move that helps franchisees gain instant credibility in their industry sector and marketplace, Sandler Head Office has also rolled out a global ‘white label’ print on demand service.
This exciting initiative empowers franchise owners to select and personalise their choice of sales titles, adding their name and contact details to the cover in order to position themselves as trusted and authoritative sales specialists.
The ideal marketing tool when given as client gifts, handed out at hosted book launches – or used for credibility building at conferences, new business pitches or business meetings – these print on demand titles represent the perfect calling card for all Sandler franchisees.
And with one title, “LinkedIn The Sandler Way”, also available as an e-book as well as in print – this resource gives franchisees the added opportunity to generate quality leads through their websites – acting as a valuable and engaging ‘lead magnet’ with which to build and nurture their email lists.
With so many network-wide benefits to expanding the already top quality library of sales titles – the decision to grow the booklist looks set to be a popular move as the Sandler family moves forward into 2016.
“We are the ten ton gorilla in this space, and the book strategy allows our franchisees to utilise our intellectual property in a wide variety of businesses,” says Sandler UK CEO Shaun Thomson. “These are powerful marketing tools and the ability to personalise the books gives instant credibility in your market place.”